The more likely it is we’ll be able to visit our favorite island Ibiza, the more excited we seem to become! Whether you’re going to the White Isles for the first time or you’re looking for places to explore where you haven’t been before, you’re going to want to read about these 5 places you definitely need to visit when you go to Ibiza!

1. Cafe Mambo

Ibiza is known for its magnificent and simply jaw-dropping sunsets that can’t be beaten. And one of the best places to see the beautiful sunset is at Cafe Mambo. Found on the way to San Antonio, this bar and restaurant is famed for its sunsets. Cafe Mambo was established by Javier Anadon in 1994 and it’s been one of Ibiza’s most popular places to eat since. It isn’t just a great club where you can get your electronic music fix (there’s a reason world-famous DJs flock here!) but it also offers scenic views of the sunset and mouth-watering food. For the best of both worlds, give Cafe Mambo a visit!

2. Es Vedra

This towering rock that stands at 400 meters tall off the southwest coast of Ibiza is known as Es Vedra. Another one of Ibiza’s most popular places to visit, Es Vedra is just stunning the moment you see it. And even more so when you get a little more up close! With the way that it almost looks like it’s rising up out of the sea to stand guard over the coast, Es Vedra inspires a sense of peace and even mysticism in those who see it. This is why it’s also popular for people who like to meditate! Es Vedra is most popular starting dusk so do keep that in mind if you want to practice caution with regards to COVID-19.

3. Atlantis

Another one of Ibiza’s sights that you have to see to believe, Atlantis is popular for a reason. Look into it and you’ll see interesting-looking shapes that look geometrically perfect. These shapes originate from a stone quarry built in the 16th century. Atlantis became something of a hippie mecca in the 60s, and they were responsible for the Buddha head carving you’ll peep in the cove. Do keep in mind that the primary method to get to Atlantis is through a private boat or a team you can hire but the trouble is well worth it to see this amazing secret cove. 

4. Ibiza Town

If you’re most comfortable in the hustle and bustle of a town with many things to do, then look no further than Ibiza Town, Ibiza’s capital and largest city. There is a ton of things to do in this beautiful and historic place that overlooks the Mediterranean. Here you will find world-class places to eat and drink, a thriving nightlife (you’ll find Pacha here!), a wide range of stores, and history museums and art galleries. Small wonder this place is popular with a diverse range of people (including celebrities!)

5. Hippy Market

Looking to bring a part of Ibiza home with you? Then you’ll want to check out Ibiza’s many hippy markets! Filled to the brim with stunning artisan goods by artists, designers, and painters, Ibiza’s hippy markets are held throughout the year but the biggest season is in the summer. The biggest markets are in Es Cana (the Punta Arabi Hippy Market held on Wednesdays) and in San Carlos (the Las Dalias Hippy Markets held every Saturday.) You simply cannot leave the White Isles without first checking out their hippy markets!