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Deans love of dance music started at school, listening to a wide range of genres such as house, hardcore & breakbeat, jungle & techno. Too young to rave, Dean spent most of his school years listening to DJ mixes on his Walkman from his favourite Djs, radio stations and raves! During these years Dean built up a list of favourite tracks, mixes and labels and longed to be behind the turntables himself. It wasn’t until he left school and started full time work that he could afford his 1st set of turntables and start mixing for himself. This was the late nineties when the garage and trance sound exploded onto the scene, so Dean starting experimenting with more genres. Dean was a bedroom dj for many years then fell out of the scene completely for quite a while due to work commitments and the birth of his daughter. A few trips back to Ibiza with his wife & raving partner Joanne in the mid-2000s reignited his buzz for DJing and the whole scene. He got back on the circuit and started playing for various promotions and clubs such as Pacha, M.O.S, Egg and Electric Brixton to name a few. After seeing how much the scene was changing Dean decided to start his own party with wife Joanne – Detached Parties. They wanted to create a multi genre event taking the raver on a journey through the different years and styles of house/rave music.

Specialising in boat parties they have hosted boat & club events since 2012. Deans love of dance music old & new is reflected in the parties by being multi genre and some djs still spinning vinyl. This style is also heard in Deans DJ style. Rather than play one genre sets, Dean likes to blend lots of musical styles together playing lots of remixes and re edits of his favourite tracks always trying to keeps his sets fresh and the dance floor rocking!