Dj Vibes

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DJ Vibes is the man behind massive tracks such as Musics so Wonderful, Sing it loud, Midsummer Mist and No more tears plus too many high class remixes to mention.

One of the ever present Ibiza Slip Back In Time Crew, Vibes has played in Ibiza for the last 20+ years in a row and knows exactly what the S in T family want to hear and how to play it.

With a blindin’ new album recently released and sold out, and two 12 inch vinyl put out this year already, Vibes is surely on the pulse of the past present and definitely the future.

Expect nothing other than spine tingling vocals, heart-wrenching breakdowns and his signature sound of body shocking bass. DJ Vibes is 100% Heavyweight in every musical department. Watch out for his beautiful break-beats smashing up the dance floor all over England but especially this super summer at Slip back in time Ibiza!