Zack Le Nez

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Zack Le Nez started his love affair with Old Skool when he attended his first rave at the tender age of 14, where he totally embraced the sounds and dance movement along with thousands of other like-minded people at that time. Zack may well be a new kid on the block, as they say, but has an undeniable passion for Old skool music.  It was listening to DJs such as Ratpack, Slipmatt & Micky Finn that made him instantly want to become a DJ.  Although he plays a lot of Tech house these days’ his heart is definitely ‘Old Skool’

Zack has played at many clubs on the London circuit as well as many abroad. Zack is a familiar face on the White Isle and has been fortunate enough to DJ at many of the clubs and bars in Ibiza.

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