Old Skool Ibiza 2023 Terms & Conditions:

Slip Back in Time Presents Old Skool Ibiza 2023 event and Hotel S’Estanyol / Hotel San Remo

Confirmed bookings will be exchanged for a wristband at the arranged meeting point (time and date to be confirmed), and there will be no automatic right of re-admission during the event should the wristband become lost or damaged. If you lose/damage your wristband, it is your responsibility to request a new wristband from Slip Back in Time staff as soon as possible to avoid refusal of entry to planned daytime and evening events.

Please ensure that you review the room and package options on our website booking page to ensure that you have selected the correct package before booking and that it is suitable for you and your whole party. This is because we have provided several options to tailor the needs of everyone.

Boat party tickets are to be purchased separately at any time (subject to on-board availability), this is because not all persons will choose to join the boat party. If choosing to join the boat party, you must act in a safe and responsible manner whilst on board at all times, or risk being asked to leave the boat by the captain and possible subsequent police action.

All persons on the booking must be at least 18 years of age.

Slip Back in Time staff reserve the right to refuse admission to the event.

Slip Back in Time cannot accept liability for any damages, loss or personal injuries sustained at the event, including loss or damage to property, howsoever caused.

Slip Back in Time will accept no responsibility for any accommodation booked outside of what has been advertised for our event.

Please note that a tourist tax (eco-tax) will need to be paid to the hotel upon arrival at a cost of €1.50 per person per night. Any increase in this tax by the Government of Spain before this date, although not foreseen at this time will be your responsibility to pay at the time of arrival.

Any damage to the Hotel S’Estanyol or Hotel San Remo will be the responsibility of the person/s registered to that room and will be charged for immediate payment directly to this person by the hotel.

Any person/s under the age of 30 years will be required to pay a deposit of €50 on arrival at the hotel. This will be refunded on departure as long as your room is left without damages.

We reserve the right to make changes to any part of the event for reasons that may be out of our control. This includes venue changes, changes to acts and times of events. Where this is necessary we will do our best to make replacements of a similar standard wherever possible, and we will inform all guests with as much notice as possible.

Booking Terms & Personal Data

When a booking is made, the ‘lead name’ on the booking guarantees that he or she has the authority to accept and does accept on behalf of the party the terms of these booking conditions. After we receive your booking and all appropriate payments, if the arrangements you wish to book are available, we will issue a confirmation email. A binding agreement will come into existence between us when we dispatch this confirmation email to the ‘lead name’.

Bookings must be made via our website unless prior agreement is made. Upon booking it is a requirement that each guest input specific personal data as follows:

Full name, telephone number, email address, date of birth, passport number

No booking shall be accepted without this data. Your data will be kept secure and only for the purposes of this booking in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 under which Slip Back in Time is a registered Data Controller.

We will only share some of your information with Vibra Hotel (S’Estanyol / San Remo) senior staff for the purposes of your accommodation stay only.

It is important to check the details on your confirmation email when you get it, or if booking late at the time of booking, that all the details are exactly as you requested. In the event of any discrepancy, please contact us immediately as it may not be possible to make changes or corrections later.

These Booking Conditions apply equally to all members of your party named in the booking. Where the ‘lead name’ on the booking is booking on behalf of other persons, it is your responsibility to ensure that these Booking Conditions are brought to their attention and that they are familiar with them. We are entitled to assume that all members of your party have read these Booking Conditions. Any reference to ‘you’ or ‘your’ shall be deemed to include all named persons on the booking.

It is your responsibility to book your flights and travel to and from the airport in Ibiza as transfers are not included.

If you require us to make any special arrangements due to disability, please let us know as soon as possible in advance so that we can work with you to make these arrangements, accessible rooms are limited and subject to availability so please inform us of your request as soon as possible.

Payment Terms

In order to confirm your chosen arrangements, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of £99 per person via our website booking system at the time of booking followed by payments as per your selected payment plan. Payments made by BACS will no longer be accepted unless prior arrangement has been made in writing with a member of our staff.

Subsequent payments amounting to the balance of your booking will be taken automatically from the credit/debit card used to pay your deposit. By selecting the Payment Plan, you agree that we may charge the amount of each Prepayment to the credit/debit card (or other payment method) which you used to pay the deposit. You must pay the balance of your booking in accordance with the payment plan that you selected at the time of your booking. Failure to make the repayments as per your selected payment plan to cover the total booking amount that will be collected via the card details that you provided at the time of booking will result in your booking being cancelled. If you miss a repayment or there is a problem with any of your payments, we will notify you via email and give you 14 days to bring your booking up to date with the required payment.

If you cancel your booking for any reason after you have received your booking confirmation email, you will incur the loss of your deposit amount of £99 per person plus any further charges as detailed in the ‘Cancellations’ section of this document, dependent on the date you notify us of your cancellation.

Changes to your booking

If you wish to change your booking after our confirmation email has been issued, we will do our utmost to make these changes but it may not always be possible and changes are subject to availability at the time. Any request for changes to be made must be in writing from the lead name on your booking. Where we can make a change, we will charge for any cost we incur in making this alteration including but not limited to: changes of dates of stay, addition or reduction in number of days, changes to persons on your booking, or other items changed, at the price tier which applies on the day the change is made. You should be aware that these costs could increase the closer to the departure date that changes are made and you should contact us as soon as possible. We will also apply an amendment fee for each changed item on the booking, which we will advise you of at the time of any amendment. Current amendment fees are £30.00 per amendment. Please note, this is payable at the time of the change and is non-refundable. Any booking discount you may have received at the time the original booking was made may be altered or reduced whenever changes are made. If the number of people in your accommodation changes, you may have to pay extra (for example, single or under-occupancy supplements). Any change to your departure date, accommodation or length of your stay must apply to all members of your booking. You may transfer your booking to another suitable person who satisfies all the conditions that apply to this booking, provided that reasonable notice is given at least 7 days before your date of departure and subject to the payment of all applicable charges. Both you and the new traveller will be responsible for paying all costs we incur in making the transfer. The current fee for a change of person on your booking is the deposit amount of £99.00.


The lead name of your party may cancel your holiday at any time. Written notification from the lead name on the booking must be received by email at bookings@slipbackintime.com. Alternatively a cancellation by the lead name of your party can be made by telephone, by contacting our team in the office on +44 (0) 20 3951 8856 and providing the correct booking reference and security details. Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will be required to pay cancellation charges. The cancellation charges shown below apply from the date we receive the written notice at our offices or you make a telephone cancellation. In order to cover our expected losses from the cancellation of the booking there is a set dated scale of charges which must be paid by you if you or anyone travelling with you cancels, as follows:

Date of Notification                                                                         % of total booking price retained by SBIT

Before 14th February 2023                                                                           Loss of deposit

Between 14th February & 14th April 2023                                             50%

After 14th April 2023                                                                                       100%

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of your contract with us that you take out adequate travel insurance suitable for your needs from the date of booking which should cover you if you have to cancel your arrangements – including cancellations due to COVID-19, or for any emergencies that arise while you are away.   We do not check insurance policies for suitability, but reserve the right to request a copy. 

Your responsibility

We want all our guests to enjoy this event.  But you must remember that you are responsible for your actions and the effect they may have on others. We take a zero tolerance stance with regard to any person who threatens the safety, comfort and wellbeing of guests, Slip Back in Time staff, hotel staff and any venue staff. You must not: contravene any applicable law; use any threatening, abusive or insulting words or actions towards other guests or staff; behave in a disorderly manner or in a manner to which other customers may reasonably object. If we, or another person in authority, believe your actions could upset, annoy or disturb other guests, our hotel/venue staff or our own staff, or put them in any risk or danger, or damage property, we may terminate your booking and ensure that you leave your accommodation. This will include blocking entry to all events at any venue which form part of this booking.