The beautiful island of Ibiza can be daunting to most simply because of the massive amount of things to do and places to visit. There are beautiful beaches, amazing clubs, and historical places. There is just no shortage of things you can do on an Ibiza holiday.

So whether you’re entirely new to Ibiza or a regular to the White Isle who’s simply looking for more places to check off, here are 5 great spots in Ibiza you just have to go to!

  1. Portinatx

    Smack dab along Ibiza’s northernmost coast is the beautiful Portinatx. This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill resort, no; Portinatx boasts three beaches that are simply jaw-dropping. That’s a lot of space. Their largest beach- and most crowded- is the S’Arenal Gros. Anyone looking for a little more peace and quiet can visit their other two smaller, more private beaches: Playa Porto and S’Arenal Petit. All beaches are equipped with sunbeds, beach vendors, lifeguards, crystal-clear waters excellent for snorkeling and diving, a plethora of fine hotels in walking distance, and more. This an easy, convenient and scenic place where you can unwind with your family and friends.

  2. Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art

    If you’re more art-inclined then you have to give the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art a visit! Fourth in our list of Top 5 Places to Visit When in Ibiza, this sensational museum is home to internationally-renowned pieces from art. Here you’ll find a collection of art by Ibiza native visual artist Antoni Mari Ribas as well as posters by Carl van der Voort. You’ll also chance upon some great temporary exhibits in this distinctly Ibizan sanctum of art, too.

  3. D’Alt Vila (Old Ibiza Town)

    If you’re looking to take a dive into the history and true culture of Ibiza, then look no further than the White Isle’s fortified D’Alt Vila (Old Ibiza Town). An excellent way to take a break from the hustle and bustle and noise of the rest of Ibiza, this place boasts Ibizan historical spots like the Ibiza Cathedral, Convento de San Cristobal, Necropolis del Puig des Molins, and Museu Puget. Hungry? Dine at world-class restaurants or have a snack in some great bars. Enjoy a stroll or a scooter ride throughout picturesque cobbled streets and fantastic views of the coast down below. This place is beautiful both during the day and the night.

  4. Café del Mar

    Café del Mar is known throughout the world for a reason! This awesome place established a unique mood and atmosphere not only in the cafe but in music as well- a mood so distinct thousands would later come to adapt it into their music and they themselves release amazing chill-out compilation albums that are always sure hits. Located in San Antonio, this is the place to go if you want to watch the famous beautiful Ibiza sunset while listening to chill-out music, which you can do by hanging out on the big terrace with a nice drink.

  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia is legendary and a name synonymous with Ibiza for a reason, especially in partying and clubbing circles. This massively popular club has seen a plethora of talented DJs ever since it opened its doors to the public all the way back in 1976. The main room is reminiscent of a warehouse, decked with state-of-the-art audio technology. Another thing that’s made Amnesia so popular is its terrace and atrium, which are almost always loaded with party-goers. Boasting a variety of themed nights, there’s sure to be something here for every clubber. You’ll find Amnesia in San Rafael.