Shades of Rhythm

Rayan Gee, Nick Slater and Lanx met when they were very, VERY young and started off producing music to play out in their hometown of Peterborough.

Things soon changed in 1989 when multiple tracks from their self-pressed album “Frequency” took hold of the emerging Rave scene; Homicide, Exorcist, Sweet Sensation, Sound of Eden and Frequency not only changed the lives of these three young producers, but also the lives of thousands of people around the globe… and thus began the success of Shades.

Shades of Rhythm were thrown into a rave whirlwind and played alongside ground-breaking artists The Prodigy, N-joi and K-Klass at raves and clubs such as Raindance, Fantazia, The Astoria and The Haçienda.

The band were soon snapped up by the Warner Brothers imprint, ZTT and found themselves the subject of every magazine, TV show, DJ and clubber throughout the world. A constant stream of LIVE shows continued and Shades of Rhythm were soon entering the Top 20 of the UK National charts and appearing on Top of the Pops on BBC 1.

Fast-forward to today, and the Shades are still very much at the top of their game headlining bills on the Oldskool circuit and performing at award-winning festivals such as Glastonbury alongside Carl Cox and Heidi, Boomtown Fair and Slammin Vinyl’s festival Tranzmission.

The list goes on…